Mattress for baby cot

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At LINEA STROM we stand with respect and sensitivity to the proper development of your baby. Thus, each layer of the Baby Linea baby line has Ecolabel International Certification, which guarantees hygiene of the construction materials with respect to the baby and the environment.

The materials we use to create the mattresses of the Baby Linea baby line “support” your baby’s tender skeleton and give him a peaceful and peaceful sleep.

The fabric lining each layer of baby Linea carries the Oeco-Tex Standard 100 Certification and is considered safe and free of harmful substances. In addition, special anti-acarea treatment prevents the development of mites and other microorganisms and protects your baby from allergies, asthma and other diseases. Every baby LINEA baby line fabric has been treated with loAloe Vera¨, which gives a soft texture and a fresh feeling to your baby’s mattress.
So every layer of the baby LINEA baby line becomes the safest and tender hug … after yours.


Hardness: Soft
MATTER HEIGHT: 6 cm (+/- 1)
WARRANTY: 5 years

White cotton pad
Quilted Jacquard Fabric with Dacron