Latex pillow

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Series of mattresses without springs

Family with anatomical behavior thanks to flexible materials Mistral, Visco Elastic, Latex and Airfoam soft. The specialty of the Visco Elastic lies in the distinctive properties of the state-of-the-art material, which captures and takes on the shape of the body in just a few seconds, which is why it is called memory – that is, the material that it remembers.
The innovative Mistral material as well as the special air blisters of Visco Elastic, Latex and Airfoam soft materials ensure perfect ventilation of the mattress and make it ideal for beds with retractable mechanism.


Degree of Hardness: Soft
Mattress height: 21 cm (+/- 1)
Warranty: 5 years
Knitted quilted fabric with Dacron
Ventilation holes
Latex hexagonal 18 cm thick