The company Vlavianos was founded in 1958 by Nikitas Vlavianos with an initial specialization in the manufacture of handmade salons. In the process, this specialization in handmade furniture has been extended to all categories of home furnishings and decorations so as to decorate the interior of a home with high quality aesthetic furniture of both classical and postmodern design preferences of furniture for every taste and style . The idea was good furniture in every home. Today, after 50 years of presence on the ship, our company, Vlavianos continues to manufacture classic handmade and postmodern furniture, with more experience and flexibility in the market preferences and we also import furniture based on classical value, quality and the design. In addition, the experience of so many years makes us specialists in repairing and renovating furniture of timeless value with the guarantee of specialization for the most ideal result.

Thank you for the trust you have shown us all these years.
Michalis Vlavianos